Meet Our Team


Marketing Manager

After an award-winning 25-year career as a reporter and editor, Doug switched to the dark side of the journalism industry in 2017, becoming marketing director of TPC Holdings, Inc., parent company of Studio 1892. His skill set includes content creation, project conceptualization, and getting his kids to and from their various athletic and academic endeavors.

Nathan Alford

Publisher / Record Holder / Resident Coffee Maker

Nathan is a bit of a Renaissance man. He’s an editor and publisher. He’s a guitar player — with a voice — for the band 7 Devils, which frequents regional pubs, festivals, and can be heard on Spotify and iTunes. He’s pulled more espresso shots than average. Nathan’s an advocate for the underdog. He gets things done. He’s a consensus builder and — don’t hold it against him — a licensed Idaho attorney. 


Marketing Strategist / Director of Cat Herding

Joanna is a recovering physical therapist who joined the family business — Studio 1892 — after a 17-year orthopedic PT career. Her hands-on clinical health care experience and master’s degree resume offer one-of-a-kind perspective. She expects and delivers evidence-based results. Joanna’s a hard-core yogi and instructor, proud Mom, and married the other Alford on the team. She’s generous with her time, building community through art and education.

Carmen Austin

Marketing Strategist

Once upon a time, a Canadian girl met a cute American boy and moved to the U.S. where they created two humans who will leave this earth better than they found it. Carmen is a vegetarian who loves yoga, sunshine, cooking and red wine. She’s lucky to be a part of Studio 1892 and everything it has to offer.


Digital Marketing / Content Manager

Craig is an old-school print news guys with a few new-school digital and social media tricks up his sleeve. Working with the energetic Studio 1892 crew helps him fend off thoughts of a midlife crisis. Craig is married to a fabulous 4th-grade teacher and has two teenage children.

Garry Skinner

Regional Business Consultant

Every team needs passion, vision and strategy. That’s Garry. He can throw a mean two-seam fast ball too. He’s a team player with high expectations, grit and a refreshing take on marketing and a deep understanding of today’s complex health care system. He finds happiness, and beauty, in loud socks, people, outdoor life and a more than a few laughs with friends and family.


Digital Marketing / Videographer / DBMC

Pete is the (self-proclaimed) ‘Drone Boss Master Chef’ – that’s DBMC for short. He’s a good Idahoan that enjoys long walks through the woods, blowing stuff up with guns, and a solid understanding that nothing really happens unless you post about it on Facebook.


Digital Designer / Creative Specialist

From performing in the DCI World Championships, touring the U.S. in a rock band, booking countless concerts and events, writing music for film & tv, and making graphics and designs for several industries, you could say Tony is a big fan of music & art. In his free time he likes to ‘slap a da bass’ and grill up some steaks, with a cold brew or two.

Kylie Peer

Social Media / Digital Marketing

Kylie is a Public Relations graduate with a true passion for social media marketing. Raising an energetic (almost 5 year old!) boy with the love of her life certainly keeps her on her toes. Her pastimes include many hours of Mariners baseball, dancing to the music of life, and spending ample amount of time with family and friends